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GShanos@aol.com schrieb:

> Hi to all:
> I am interesed in obtaining a complete listing of all known organic
> compounds in the Murchison and Allende carbonaceous chondrites.
> Can any member provide me with information on how to obtain such
> a listing.

Hello Greg, hello List!

Here are some references on Murchison and Allende organic compounds:

1) T.N. Tingle, C.H.Becker, R. Malhotra (1991) Organic compounds in the
Murchison and Allende carbonaceous chondrites studied by photoionization
mass spectrometry (Meteoritics 26-2, 117-127).

2) COOPER G.W. et al. (1995) Sulfur and hydrogen isotopic anomalies in
organic compounds from the Murchison meteorite (abs. Meteoritics 30,

3) COOPER G.W. et al. (1997) Oxygen isotopic composition of organic and
inorganic compounds of the Murchison meteorite (Meteoritics 32-4, 1997,

4) J.R. Cronin, C.B. Moore (1971) Amino acid analyses of the Murchison,
Murray and Allende carbonaceous chondrites (Science 172, 1327-1329).

5) J. Han, B.R. Simoneit, A.L. Burlingame et al. (1970) Organic analysis
on the Pueblito de Allende meteorite (Nature 222, 364-365).

6) K. Harada, P.E. Hare (1980) Analysis of amino acids from the Allende
meteorite (in Biogeochem. of Amino Acids, eds. P.E.Hare, T.C.Hoering,
K.King, Jr., pp. 169-181, Wiley, New York).

7) R.L. Levy, C.J. Wolf, M.A. Grayson et al. (1970) Organic analysis of
the Pueblito de Allende meteorite (Nature 227, 148-150).

8) R. Zenobi, P.R. Buseck, J.-M. Philippoz et al. (1989) Spatially
resolved organic analysis of the Allende meteorite (Science 246,

9) M.H.Engel, B.Nagy (1982) Distribution and enantiomeric composition of
amino acids in the Murchison meteorite (Nature 296, 837-840).

10) GILMOUR I. et al. (1992) Isotopic differences between PAH isomers in
Murchison (Meteoritics 27-3, 1992, A224).

Best wishes,


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