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Exotic meteorites II? (was: Origins)

Hello list,

I forgot one explanation: Earth material ejected at it's early stage of
formation, and coming back (this one sounds more gravitionaly correct)

BTW: Thomas Randall Wrote:

>>- Solar ejectas
>  Since the sun is all gas (Mainly Hydrogen, converting to helium) with no
Actually, the sun composition is a little bit more complex than that, and I
read somewhere that the Orgeuil meteorite is matching rather closely it's
composition. Anyways, what I wanted to know is  if there is a remote
probability that these ejectas will be bigger than dust.

>solid material this will never happen. Coronal mass ejections and flares do
>reach Earth from time to time but not as a "solid" rock like those we
>But it WOULD be cool (??!!) to have a piece of the sun sitting on my desk!

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