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Re: Monahans auction questions

Two Points:

First the announcement says 'We" invite you.  This may or may not be a
factor, an indication that 2 or more individuals have already purchased
this quietly and that this Private auction is a sham, just to see what
it would have brought.

Second, with regard to the media, this is no longer an issue UNLESS it
is sold very high, if sold low, no news.  Hence, it appears to be a ploy
on the part of individuals to decide after the fact - the auction- if it
goes high enough, they will then sell it and release the  dollar amount
to the media.  If it goes low they will just divide it amongst
themselves or keep it if it is one individual.  This is their way around
a media disaster and the establishment of lower prices .  It keeps the
people in their disillusioned state that all meteorites are worth a
fortune and the finders will continue to demand high prices in the
field.  They will never know if Monahans would have gone low.   This
flies in the face of everything we have been trying to accomplish.

Do not bid.  IMHO, you will be the brunt of a joke.

Best regards,

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