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Re: Monahans auction questions

In a message dated 98-07-17 15:24:04 EDT, you write:

 Hello fellow list members, Today I pose an interesting question, one
 that should be raised and is perhaps being asked in other meteorite
 collector's/dealer's homes as I type this.  Today, I received a postcard
 announcing the upcoming Monahans meteorite auction on July 24th.
 The postcard reads as follows with nothing added or omitted:
 A unique auction event.....
     We invite you to participate in a unique event: the auction of the
 Monahans, Texas meteorite which was retrieved by seven young men
 immediately after impact on the evening of March 22 of this year. This
 extraordinary specimen will be presented exclusively by
 NaturalHistoryAuction.com at 6 p.m. EST on Friday July 24, 1998 and will
 close at 12 midnight July 26, 1998. Bids will be accepted by email, fax,
 and telephone.
                                             Please register before
 NaturalHistory Auction.com
 Post office Drawer J, Ithaca New York 14851 USA
 Email: Monahans@naturalhistoryauction.com
 Phone: 1-607-257-5349 Fax 1-607-266-7904<<

  It's pretty plain to see that the Monahans meteorite,  as it was stated
several times before on the list,  is coming up for auction.
>>This is the information on the postcard word for word.
 I pose these questions to the list and people involved:

 1. Who is auctioning off this meteorite? It is quite clear that this
 auction is now being run by Michael Casper instead of Steve Arnold.<<
    I ask the question now,  does it matter who is running the auction as long
as it's fair?

>>2. Why? How can the current high bidder also run the auction?<<

 I cant see how the current high bidder be running the auction,  as the
auction has not happened yet!
>>3. How can we, the interested buyers, email or phone our bids in to the
 auctioneer if he is also one of the buyers?<<
   Easy,  just pick up the phone and dial,  e-mail is a little more involved.
>>It is not too dificult to see  that the contact information on this
 card all went to none other than Michael Casper. I just want to know
 what the true story is with this auction. WE ALL WANT TO KNOW!!! Has the
 outcome has already been decided on this one.<<
  I think that's not too difficult,  if  "WE ALL WANT TO KNOW!"  then "WE" can
give Casper a call.   
>>I have conformed to the list protocol in every way. I have made no
 personal attacks and I use my real name to pose the questions here,
 unlike the cowardly Colonel Whithead, who is afraid to contact me about
 his accusation of conspiracy over the Portales fall.<< 

   Yes it seems that you have cleared all the protocol, so i wouldnt be too
worried about Art slamming the hammer down on you like he did to Steve Arnold,
and Mike Casper.  

>>There is no conspiracy there at all , just business, but here, with
Monahans, it
 seems that nothing is at it should be and we all should question ALL of
 those involved as to their intentions.<< 

 So it seem you have your own suspicions about a consperacy....it's that  "we
all" that bothere me.. are you more than one person?

>>The card clearly states that the
 Monahans meteorite is and I quote " This extraordinary specimen will be
 presented exclusively by NaturalHistoryAuction.com.." 

If Steve Arnold is  the meteorite broker who is auctioning this meteorite for
the children who own it, how can the high bidder be the one who EXCLUSIVELY
offers it<<

  I dont really know this one,  seems you are discribing an aution that has
not happened yet.
>> ? Has it already been sold and is now being auctioned again?  If Michael
 Casper does not own it already and will simply be running the auction,
 How can it be a fair auction for anyone? Michael has already made his
 intent quite clear many times that he is prepared to offer BIG money for
 this meteorite. If he is now running the auction, it seems that the
 bidders must submit their bids to the high bidder for approval? Any
 logic here? I am truly confused on this one and invite everyone in the
 meteorite world to voice their concerns as well because this truly
 affects us ALL.<<
   A  fair auction is one in which you know what being auctioned,  and you are
not prevented from bidding on the items.   That's it!   Who owns the meteorite
being auctioned has nothing to do with it being a fair auction,  and neither
does who's auctioning it.   This goes for meteorite, or cars, or beanie babys.
Your implications that this is going to be an unfair auction,  seems to me to
.   You yourself were unfairly accused of conspiring to raise the price of
Portales,  something I had written to the Col. personal about telling him of
my discust about his printing slander on the list.   Now I hear these same
accusation,  or questions of impropriaty from you.  

>> Please reply directly to the list and not me, we all
 need to hear each other's thoughts on the very important issue at hand.
 Mike Farmer<<

 Well there you have it Mike,  my thoughts on the whole thing.   I hope Art
can live with letting me speak my mind,  but if not,  it was nice chatting
with you all!

Geoff Cintron

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