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Re: Basalt from Earth and from space

>Please, anyone may help me send information regarding petrographic
>distinction between terrestrial and meteoritic basalts.
>Which test should be performed to set aside a rock as a terrestrial vulcanic
>rock instead of an achondrite meteorite?
>I think this is a very important question to identify suspected meteorites
>which where not seen to fall.


This is a very good question.  Basaltic achondrites can be identified by
the presence of a fusion crust.  But nearly all of the recoveries were
*seen to fall*.

Another way would be by identifying trace elements. 

There should be millions of moon rocks scattered about, but the problem
is how do you tell these from terrestrial volcanics.  The presence of
a fusion crust or ablation marks would be the first indicator.  Then
to make sure a test for the element Titanium would be next.

Steve Schoner

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