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Re: Kainsaz/Dimmitt missing from mail!!

This is the second or third "meteorite in the mail theft report"
that I have heard in the last six months.  

I have shipped meteorites to all parts of the world for nearly
30 years and have yet to lose anything in transit.

The key is when filling out the shipping statement do not
use the word "meteorites" in the sender's address, or in the
shipping bill, which must be attached to the package for all 
international posts.  Instead state on the form:

 "geologic specimens-- rocks with scientific value"

Then you many or may not insure it for whatever it is worth.

Also the invoice should be sent separately.  Do not have
anything in the box that reflects the price paid for the items 
enclosed, thus elimniating "red flags" for potential thieves,
who may be the very people who open these packages for postal

The carrier is important, too.  Regular post is okay for lower
dollar items, but I would recommend that UPS, or FeEx be used
for anything valued over $500.  Their services are much more
expensive, but with them you can be certain that your shipment
will get to its destination.

Steve Schoner

>Hi everyone:
>Rob Elliott (FERNLEA) and mysel (Mile High Meteorites) had worked a
>trade with Dimmitt and Kainsaz. We shipped the trade specimens to
>oneanother on or about 6/15/98, the Dimmitts from Colorado and the
>Kainsaz from Scotland. Both packages have yet to arrive. If anyone
>offers you the following:
>481g Dimmitt individual
>226g Dimmitt individual or
>32.4g Kainsaz
>Please contact me at mhmeteorites@geocities.com or Rob at
>FERNLEA4@aol.com. Thanks for your time!
>Matt Morgan
>Mile High Meteorites
>P.O.Box 151293
>Lakewood, CO 80215-9293
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List Archives are located at http://www.meteoritecentral.com/list_best.html
For other help, FAQ's and subscription info and other resources,
visit  http://www.meteoritecentral.com/mailing_list.html