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Re: Monahans Auction - Sorry Stuart!

Brad Sampson schrieb:

> I have a question regarding the Natural History Auction. If it is
> indeed a legitimate auction of pieces of natural history, then why is
> the Monahans meteorite the only item up for auction? Wouldn't there
> would be some other artifacts up for auction too? Something is strange
> around here. Brad
> (If someone offers you some Monohans, just say NO!!!)

Stuart: "I *swear* that from now on if I see a posting with the word
"Monahans" anywhere in its subject line I am going to delete it. You all
have your fun, I don't care about it, or the politics or personal issues

Phil: "He who bids the most isn't always the winner - he could be the
biggest loser!"

Bernd: "After browsing more than 100 (!) Monahans posts and emails, I
feel that the more I read the less I understand everybody's motifs,
reasons, justifications, accusations, name callings and threats.
Why don't we let X, Y, and Z buy the Monahans critter. Hardly anyone on
the List will take part in the auction and those who do will pay
horrendous prices for a minute bit of crushed halites. Who do they want
to sell them to? They will remain sitting on that stuff ..."

Best wishes from a country where the summer has come back with
temperatures in the nineties!


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