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Martian Meteorites

My understanding about SNC meteorites--the so-called "Martian"
meteorites--is that they appear to be from Mars.  However, "appear to be
from Mars" still leaves their origin open to interpretation.  Their are
some researchers who don't believe SNCs are from Mars.  Now why there
are more "Mars" meteorites than Moon meteorites (which equally are open
to question since they don't match Apollo and Luna samples exactly) is
an intriguing question to me.  What I find humorous about the so-called
conventional "experts" in this field is that they readily accept Moon
meteorites as "lunar" in origin when is its clear they lack the
aluminum--and other material--found in lunar-return samples yet ignore
interesting facts like tektite chemistry data which matches some of the
lunar high magnesium glasses in Apollo samples?  (Hey, now that's a can
of worms if you dare to open it!)  Also, there was some question in the
1960s about eucrites, howardites and diogenites being possibly lunar in
origin (as opposed to the popular idea that they come from the minor
planet Vesta) though that was discraded even though there are unanswered
questions!  It seems with every "answer" about meteorites come a few
more questions.  :) 


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