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Re: More Martian Meteorites Coming this Way!

<< > Walter -
 >     Welcome to the "science" of the "Let's send men to Mars" space
 > enthusiasts.
 >     The most significant reason for not sending men
 > to Mars is the problem of biological contamination:
 >> Hash. There is no threat of 'back contamination'. Any microbes from Mars
 are going to be completely different from those of Earth. I cannot
 believe that they could even survive in such a different environment as
 Earth. It is like suggesting that if you dropped off a shark onto the
 Serengeti it would outcompete the lions. The whole idea is nonsense, and
 sharks and lions live on the same planet! I suggest you go and quiver in
 fear from real threats, like Dutch Elm Disease and Tobacco Mosaic virii. >>

As one of the aforementioned "Lets send people to Mars" space enthusiasts -
something I'm proud and keen to admit to - I'd just like to say HURRAH GENE!
Common sense about back contamination at last... !! 

We have to go to Mars for heaven knows how many reasons - and no, I'm not
going to list them here, or get drawn into a grand debate about manned Mars
exploration, this isn't the right forum for that, so let's not start that
thread, hmm? - one of the best, I still say, being the harvesting of
meteorites from the surface (the subject of my very first posting, if I
recall, a lifetime ago..!), because we'll find samples there unobtainable
anywhere else. And I still maintain that even when samples of martian rock are
physically returned to Earth, by probes or in the pockets or sample bags of
astronauts, Mars meteorites will hold their value simply because they got here
the Hard Way, i.e. being blasted off the surface and travelling thru space... 


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