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Re: Setting the record straight

In a message dated 98-07-20 22:04:32 EDT, Everett Gibson writes :

<< I just noticed a photograph of the Monahans meteorite in a recent issue
  >of PEOPLE magazine (the issue with Prince William on the cover).  The
  >was being held by six of the seven young boys from Monahans.  The important
  >thing about the photograph is that the meteorite has been removed from its
  >special packaging and now exposed to the elements (i.e. handling in air,
  >moisture etc.). There is a very high probablility that the halite crystals
  >have degraded and become unrecognizable!!.  With the "auction" on the
  >this coming week, it is important that vital information regarding the
  >uniquiness of the specimen be made known to the public-especially anyone
  >plans on bidding for the sample. >>

Mr. Gibson,

   This seems to be quite an interesting theory for a scientist.    On the
basis of seeing the meteorite's photo in a magazine you seem to have made the
jump to  assuming that;    "There is a very high probablility that the halite
 have degraded and become unrecognizable!!."   I can see your scientific
approch here,  as I too make assumption after seeing things pictured in
magazines.   Fortunately I am not a scientist though,  as these assumption
might hurt my reputation,  and even lead to people speculating on my motives
for making such an assumption.  

Geoff Cintron     

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