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The Ice in China Incident...

Hi Ron, and list....
                            We have had an incident here in Rhode Island a few
weeks ago, in which two chunks of blue-green ice were recovered. Both pieces
fell in areas where people had seen them. The sizes were irregular, but
approx. 8 to 10 inches in diameter.
   A news station crew was dispatched to the locations, where these chunks of
ice quickly preserved, thinking that they MIGHT have been meteoric in nature. 
   It turned out that these ice chunks DID come from a commercial flight that
went overhead minutes before the chunks were seen falling. They were later
confirmed to be from the passing jet overhead. It was noted that these events,
while not very common, DO occur.
   What a name for a meteorite.... "The 2,000 flushes"...  OR.. "the Tidy Bowl

John - Voyage! Magazine

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