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Re: halite in Monahans

In a message dated 98-07-22 02:47:47 EDT, you write:

 When I posted a summation of these abstracts, I edited them considerably.
 Gibson, et. al., said in full:
 "The most likely paragenesis for the halite is from asteroidal brines.  If
 this origin is correct, then fluid inclusions may be present within the
 salt crystals." >>

  Now this is interesting,  where does Mr Gibson find these asteroidal brines?
As I am just a layman,  I wouldnt think to question that,  except I've herd
somewhere that water in liquid form has only been found on the Earth,  Mars
(in prehistoric times)  ans possibly Europa.    Now with scientific
confermation of not only water on Europa,  but BRINE,  and Halite deposits,
Things are looking a little different.

Geoff Cintron

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