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Re: halite in Monahans

>  Now this is interesting,  where does Mr Gibson find these asteroidal brines?

In the interior of a large asteroid.   To get liquid water, you would
need ice under pressure melted by a little heat.  These conditions
could of existed in the early history of an asteroid.  Note that Hubble
images of Vesta indicated lava flows on that asteroid.

>As I am just a layman,  I wouldnt think to question that,  except I've herd
>somewhere that water in liquid form has only been found on the Earth,  Mars
>(in prehistoric times)  ans possibly Europa.    Now with scientific
>confermation of not only water on Europa,  but BRINE,  and Halite deposits,
>Things are looking a little different.

Add Ganymede and Callisto to the list. Galileo has recently found
evidence that a liquid ocean may have existed on those moons as well.

Ron Baalke

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