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Re: Water in the solar system - was Re: halite in Monahans

Jim Hurley writes:
>Ahh... no, I wasn't referring to Monahans. Someone had asked
>how common water would be in meteorites or where it is common 
>in the solar system. I was answering that it was pretty common.

>Water is fairly common in the asteroid belt (or was in the early days).

>You would have to be at about 5 AU to find solid water when the Sun was
>going through it's early phases.

I should point out we do have asteroids at about 5.2 AU from the Sun.  
They are called trojan asteroids.  They share the same orbit as Jupiter at 
the Lagrange points (L4 & L5).  They are over 400 known trojan asteroids.

Ron Baalke

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