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Re: halite in Monahans

I'm not sure how what I wrote could be construed as to saying H5 
meteorites come from the area of Jupiter or beyond. I was replying
to a post asking about prevalance of water and incidentally related
matter about the icy moons of Jupiter and Saturn.

H5's are common and may come from an asteroid parent body near 
one of Jupiter's resonances in the middle of the asteroid belt.
The most likely sources are an S-type or Q-type asteroids near 
a 3:1 resonance at about 2.5 AU. Another good possibility is 
the Near-Earth atseroid 1862 Apollo which has a reflectance spectra
'indistinguishable from ordinary chondrites' 
(J Lewis, Physics and Chemistry of the Solar System, 1997, p. 365).

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