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Re: halite in Monahans

In a message dated 98-07-23 12:52:14 EDT, you write:

 I'm not sure how what I wrote could be construed as to saying H5 
 meteorites come from the area of Jupiter or beyond. I was replying
 to a post asking about prevalance of water and incidentally related
 matter about the icy moons of Jupiter and Saturn. >>

 Jim Im sorry if the post read that way.   I was, and am,  trying to get a
handle on the story of the Halite crystals in Monahans.    Some have
speculated that it is asteroidal in nature,  but since none of the falls that
I've heard of has halite except Murchison, and that only in microscopic
amounts,  I am not convinced of it's "common H-5" nature.   I felt your post
supported the notion that the most likely spot Monahans could have formed is
in the outer regions of the solar system, this theory makes a lot of sence to
me,  as it would be much less likely to have made it to the inner solar system
and impact the earth.  

Geoff  Cintron

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