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Re: Monahans garbage

Hello List,

I want to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Art Jones for so kindly allowing
me back on the list [as there is a collective cyber groan around much of
meteorite-list land!]  


What a joy it is to see as one of my first posts that I have gotten after
returning from my long detention, is from someone arguing with me!  It is as
if I never left!  

In a message dated 7/23/98 6:50:06 PM Central Daylight Time,
farmerm@concentric.net writes:

<< I must protest what I read in the article about Monahans.  Steve Arnold
 Says that "not one of the people making the biggest stink has contacted
 me directly" and " most of them don't have two nickels to rub together
 and bid in the auction."
  Well, Steve, this is certainly not true. I did indeed contact you through
 about 50 emails or so did I not? >>

Mr. Farmer and list,

The quote you are referring to was to some extent a misquote pulled somewhat
out of context.  However you are incorrect in saying you contacted me.  I
contacted you.  That was my whole point that I made to the reporter.  EVERY
person that started making these objectionable posts did so BEFORE contacting
me to ask me directly.  

I told him that it seemed to me if it REALLY bothered people so much that
rather than running to the gossip list (excuse me, I mean the Meteorite-list)
one would think that they would have attempted to contact me FIRST to ask
about it directly.  THEN if they felt they still had concerns, then it might
be appropriate for them to voice them over the list in general.  

Some others on the list might help me as to how many posts you had made BEFORE
I took the initiative to contact you with this email on 7-18-98:

Hello Mike,

I just got back from a road trip.  As you know I have been kicked off the
meteoritelist for getting on Baalke's case (I think that was why, no one has
ever told me why yet!)  But I am getting reports that you are misunderstanding
the auction situation, and that you might be embarrassing yourself here.

I would have loved to have posted the news and explanation on the list, but I
can't.  I am really surprised that you did not email me first to ask the
questions directly, rather than put it out on the public list.  If you have
any questions, please write me back.


Mr. Farmer, you then responded for the FIRST time to me writing:

Subj:	 Re: Monahans
Date:	7/18/98 12:06:12 PM Central Daylight Time
From:	farmerm@concentric.net (Michael Farmer)
To:	MeteorHntr@aol.com

Well Steve,  I posted it to the list becaseu your friend has been demanding
threatening me since I refused to sell him Portales. 



The point here is that I had to contact you, Mr. Farmer, to try to get you to
calm down enough to attempt to explain it to you.  But you were not alone, I
was not contacted first by ANYONE (as far as I know) including Dr. Gibson,
before the posts were thrown up (no pun intended!)  ;-)   Some of those out
there were contacted privately by me, others I didn't see it necessary to even

I told the reporter that at least he had the decency to ask me questions
before writing publicly about it, and that I appreciated that.  

I think Cathi Casper posted a notice to the list that if anyone had any
questions, that they could contact her directly.  As I understand quite a few
people did in fact take her up on her invitation and called her.  As you might
imagine, the next several days will be very busy for me.  If there is anyone
seriously interested in bidding in the auction that has any questions, I
invite you to write me personally.  The rest of you that want to talk about it
amongst yourselves, please go right ahead.

Steve Arnold

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