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Re: halite in Monahans

>>  Steve Arnold has also demonstrated how fragile the salt crystals can be.
>> Steve had cut off a 1.1 gram fragment piece of Monahans that had
>> a "gorgeous blue crystal", but in doing so took the meteorite out of
>> its protective bag.  He then took three photos of the fragment, clearly
>> showing all sides of the meteorites. The photos did not show a
>> blue crystal anywhere on the meteorite, it had already disappeared. 
>> Many people had noticed the absence of the blue crystal in this
>> fragment, and Steve has remained silent to the inquiries about this. >>

>  Ron,   I think you are mistaken about a lot of things here.   I will let
>Steve Arnold's
>letter to me that I posted to the list stand on this issue:

Hi Geoff,

I have seen your letter that you've forwarded from Steve.  If you'll
notice, there is no explanation to the absence of the blue crystals in the
photos of the 1.1 fragment piece that was auctioned off last month.  
Several people noted the lack of blue crystals and sent inquiries off
to Steve about it on this list, but he has not responded to it.  

Well, finally this morning, a month later, I receive this email from
Steve on the matter.  He apparently took poor photos of the meteorite, something
he could of clarified a month ago:

Forwarded from Steve Arnold:
>That photo was take with my digital camera at about 1/4 inch from the lens.
>Focusing was a problem as well as the lighting. Trust me the crystal was there
>and it was beautiful.  And reprts are that it is still there. 

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