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Monahans Post From City Councilman

Well, I have lurked here for sometime now and have never made a post. I 
have, however, learned more in the last 60 or so days than I ever thought 
I would and I have to admit that even though I know NOTHING about this 
stuff I find it fascinating and wish to learn more.

  I wanted to mail the list to pass along some information that I hope 
will be of benefit to those of you who have questions or the like 
concerning the  Monahans Meteorite. I have seen the numerous postings 
expressing concern as to the status of these crystals so I asked Mr. 
Arnold if he could have Mr. Orlando Lyles, father of two of the boys who 
found the rock, bring the thing to my office for me to look at. Mr. Lyles 
came in around 10:45 a.m. and, without removing the meteorite from its 
protected state I was able to view the so called blue/purple crystals. 
The crystal where Mr. Lyles initially broke off part of the meteorite 
remains visable as well. Even through the covering they are visable. 
Again, I am not an expert, hell, I'm not even a decent student of this 
science but Mr. Lyles pointed them out to me and I was able to see them. 
I hope this helps any of you who are genuinely curious concerning this 

  I have found Mr. Arnold, after my SERIOUS initial confrontation with 
him, to be very helpful in regards to keeping me apprised and aware of 
the status as to the sale of the kids' meteorite. He has answered my 
questions completely and has excercised great patience in dealing with a 
true novice on the subject material. We have agreed to disagree on some 
things but also have come to see eye-to-eye on others. I appreciate that.

  Myself and the rest of the City Council here in Monahans have the 
highest hopes for these kids in regards to the current affairs and Mr. 
Lyles and I had a wonderful visit this morning concerning this topic. We, 
as I'm sure you are, are more than ready for this to pass and get on with 
our normal lives and we genuinely hope to see a wonderful result after 
the activities this weekend. 

  I appreciate the debates that go on here and I feel that they are 
useful in helping to cope with the change that I see occuring within your 
field. Although I will be unsubscribing this afternoon to go on vacation, 
I will be monitoring the list over the weekend via friends of mine who 
are also subscibed, and, I will return to the list after I come back from 
vacation in hopes of learning even more as time goes on.

My sincere regards,

Curtis L. Howard
City Councilman
Monahans, Tx.

ps...  It is an awsome experience to hold in your hands, even if encased 
in plastic, a material from somewhere unknown and to ponder where it 
might have been and where it might have come from and what happened to it 
along the way.

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