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Re: Monahans

Steve writes:
>>>and the
>>>intentional disregard of the City Council's specific request that NOTHING be
>>>said about this until AFTER the auction.  

Ron replies:
>>In our phone conversation just 2 minutes ago,
>>Curtis Howard says you are wrong on this point, and that there was no
>>request by the City Council to suppress such information after the auction.
>>Please get your facts straight. 

Steve responds:
>I will say that I did send Curtis the more pointed version of my post (that I
>sent to you privately last night.)  Today I asked Curtis, if he had seen
>anything wrong with my letter to you and he said "No."  I did cut out some
>things that were a little more personally directed towards you, but I did not
>add anything substantial.

Hi Steve,

There is no ambiguity on this at all, and you can confirm this with Curtis.
As you mentioned, you sent the same message to us via email, and I asked
him specifically if City of Monahans had requested Dr. Gibson to postpone
releasing the Monahans info until after the auction as you've claimed
in your email message, and Curtis replied "No, Steve is wrong on that".
That was rather clear and to the point.

Ron Baalke

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