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Re: Monahans

In a message dated 7/24/98 2:35:13 PM Central Daylight Time,
BAALKE@kelvin.jpl.nasa.gov writes:

Please get your facts straight. 

Ron and List,

1.  Well, it seems Curtis is telling us two different things here,


2.   We are hearing two different things here,


3.  One of us (or both of us) are editing his comments to say what we want
everyone else to see,


4.  Maybe a little bit of all the above.  :-)

I will say that I did send Curtis the more pointed version of my post (that I
sent to you privately last night.)  Today I asked Curtis, if he had seen
anything wrong with my letter to you and he said "No."  I did cut out some
things that were a little more personally directed towards you, but I did not
add anything substantial.

I called to speak with Curtis a little bit ago to ask him about his apparent
conflicts, but there was no answer at his house.  It seems you timed your
reply to land just as he was walking out the door for his vacation.

And since there are probably as many people who don't trust what you say as
there are people who don't trust what I say, it will probably be best if he
settles this for us, wouldn't you agree?

Curtis, I hate to ask you to take a few minutes out of your vacation time to
straighten this out, but would you please?

Steve Arnold

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