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Re: Monahans

>> Steve had cut off a 1.1 gram fragment piece of Monahans that had
>> a "gorgeous blue crystal", but in doing so took the meteorite out of
>> its protective bag.   

>There you go again.  I did not cut the piece off and I did not take it out of
>the protective bag.  As a matter of fact that piece was broken off the day the
>meteorite fell and that particular crystal survived now 4 months of dozens of
>people handling it all without much protection whatsoever, much less remaining
>in a nitrogen filled case.  It seems to me that many irons seem to have a much
>harder time surviving than these salt crystals do.
Hi Steve,

Thanks for the update.  This is pertinent informaiton you should of
provided at the auction a month ago.  In the letter that Geoff forwarded from you,
it mentions you taking the meteorite out of its protective bag and
breaking up a 50 gram piece and then further breaking this up into
smaller pieces.  I did assume the 1.1 gram piece came from this.
Nevertheless, the fragment was still unprotected, and I'm glad
to hear that the blue crystals have survived.
>Curtis Howard, one of the Monahan's City Councilors, told me on the phone last
>night that he will try to visit the rock in the morning and try to give a
>report to the meteorite-list of its condition today.  He also informed me that
>the City HAS NOT entered into an agreement with NASA nor with ASU!  

There is a resoluton between the the City of Monahans and NASA/ASU that
a portion of the Monahans meteorite will be given to the scientific
community.  I've just confirmed with Curtis Howard that the City Of
Monahans intends to honor this resolution.

>He is also
>not very happy with your and Dr. Gibson's intentional attempts to sabotage the
>value of 7 of his citizen's property right before the auction, 

There is no intent to sabotage the auction.
I just had a very pleasant conversation with Curtis Howard just 2 minutes
ago.  There is no animosity between Curtis, myself and Dr. Gibson like
you are trying to make out to be.  Also, during our conversation, Curtis
mentioned that Monhans was the first meteorite he ever held in his hands,
and was very impressed.  He wants to know more about them.  I think we've
got another collector on our hands.  

>and the
>intentional disregard of the City Council's specific request that NOTHING be
>said about this until AFTER the auction.  

In our phone conversation just 2 minutes ago,
Curtis Howard says you are wrong on this point, and that there was no
request by the City Council to suppress such information after the auction.
Please get your facts straight. 

>The post you made last Sunday, could
>have waited until the Meteoritical Society Meeting next week.  

Please explain why.  Why do you want to suppress important information 
on the Monahans meteorite?  

>Curtis has made no promises to me as to what may or may not be done.  He is
>going to report to me (and possibly the list at large) about what the
>possibilities might be for the City to revoke their resolution to give 1/3 of
>their rock to NASA/ASU.  

Curtis has just reported to me that the City fully intends to keep their
resolution and give 1/3 of their portion of the Monahans meteorite to
NASA/ASU.  That is wonderful news, don't you agree?

>If you have a personal problem with me then you should deal directly with me
>and not take it out on the boys at the same time.  

Steve, I have no personal animosity towards you.  You'll have to call
me sometime.  I'll email you my phone number.

Ron Baalke

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