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Sold out

Hello all,
 This is not about meteorites except maybe the money you save can go to 
buy some.

 Today, while surfing the net I saw a banner for unlimited internet dial 
up connections for only $14.95 a month...no big deal but cheaper than 
what I now pay, so I thought I would just check for an access number for 
my city, boy was I surprised, the access number was the number I now use 
for my EARTHLINK dial up connection. What's going on here? My guess is 
Earthlink "sold" me to the other guy and I pay them $19.95/month and 
they make $60/year as the middle man. 
 I am now in the process of cutting out the middle man.

Here is the URL from a Surfree banner:

Those of you in the USA and especially those on EARTHLINK might want to 
check and see if you've been sold-out.

Doug Hollis

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