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Re: Albedo

Varricchio, Louis schrieb:

> Does any know where I can find details on the "in-lab" procedure used
> to determine the albedo of asteroids compared to meteorites?

Hello Lou and List,

Here are some references from Meteoritics:

1) Sep 88, Observational evidence for solar wind induction heating of
low albedo asteroids, p. 277.

2) Dec 89, Mid-IR reflectance spectra of carbonaceous chondrites:
Application to low-albedo asteroids, p. 282.

3) Dec 89, The nature of low albedo asteroids from 3-Ám multi-color
photometry and spectrophotometry, p. 292.

4) Dec 91, Characterization of low albedo asteroids, p.361.

5) Jul 96, M.S. Robinson et al. (1996) Color and albedo of Mercury, p.

6) K. SATO et al. (1997) Absorption bands near three micrometers in
diffuse reflectance spectra of carbonaceous chondrites: Comparison with
asteroids (Meteoritics 32-4, 1997, 503).

7) BRITT D.T. et al. (1992) The reflectance spectrum of troilite and the
T-type asteroids (Meteoritics 27-3, 1992, A207).


8) M.Miyamoto (1989) Detection of hydrous minerals and carbonates in
midinfrared diffuse reflectance spectra (Proc. ISAS Lun.Plan.Symp. 22nd,

9) GAFFEY M.J. (1976) Spectral reflectance characteristics of the
meteorite classes (J. Geophys.  Res. 81, 905 - 920).

10) GAFFEY M.J.et al. (1978) Mineralogical and petrological
characterizations of asteroid surface materials (in Asteroids I, ed. T.
Gehrels, 688-723).

11) LARSON H.P. et al. (1978) Infrared spectral reflectances of asteroid
surfaces (in Asteroids I, ed. T. Gehrels, 724-744).

12) GAFFEY M.J.et al. (1989) Reflectance spectroscopy and asteroid
surface mineralogy (in Asteroids II, eds.  R. Binzel et al., 98-127).

Best wishes,


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