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Update: Meteorite Sheriff and His Posse

Hi Julia, Michael B. and List:   Well, it appears that the Meteorite
Sheriff and his posse have cleaned up eBay - for the moment, anyway.
It's now safe for decent, meteorite-loving citizens.   It's really a
shame that the shootouts were out of sight of the town folk - they would
have been appreciative of their protectors if they had seen the gun
                                                       What's the status
of the "soon-to-be" meteorite organization ?  For the sake of its
credibility and success, I sure hope that the "good guys" stay in
                                                       Cheers, Joel

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Hello Joel, Michael and List,

The situation has escalated to point where no action could be extremely
detrimental to us.  I think we must go on record, that is, send hard copies
of letters as well as e-mail, to begin a tangible file of complaints, a
paper trail.  As many individual letters from those who participate in eBay
and those who are aware of their lack of action, to wake them up to the
reality that, not only are people being hurt by their lack of action, but
that we, specifically in the meteorite community, are concerned and outraged
by such seeming indifference to outright fraud.

Further, it may be stated that we are in the process of forming a meteorite
organization , one of whose objectives will be to be very vocal on
anti-fraud whereever it may crop up, not out of malicious
intent to eBay, for example, but because we will be forced to defend the
integrity of the 'real'
meteorite community.   The public is very vulnerable to fraud in this area,
as they are not knowledgeable in the science of meteoritics.   Even
meteorite dealers are being scammed by these fraudulent auctioning

The membership of this 'soon-to-be' meteorite organization who are engaged
in the sale of meteorites will be required to meet certain legal
and ethical standards in order to remain members of said organization.  Our
website will list these members who are approved, meet the
standards set forth, and are in good standing.

I would urge everyone to send e-mail and letters so that we stand out as a
very reputable, concerned group of dedicated, scientifically oriented

Best Regards,
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From: Michael Blood <mblood@access1.net>
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Date: Friday, April 23, 1999 8:57 AM
Subject: Re: Apparently Unresolved Problems With eBay Meteorite Items Being

|Joel & list,
| EXCELLENT letter to the department at eBay that is SUPPOSED to protect
|legitimate buyers and sellers, Joel.
| I was about to send one off myself & thought I would check with you and
|other list members - do you think it would GET THEIR **s in gear if we
|ALL (who are willing/want to) wrote them?
| Personally, it would seem a VERY productive move to me - and I, as a
|meteorite dealer, an eBay buyer of various catagories and a meteorite
|collector, feel they absolutely SHOULD take immediate and decisive steps
|- so the government stays OUT of it AND we  have a reasonable degree of
|"protection" from fraud!
| What do others think ?     Michael
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