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this is a old article publish in a newspaper of
argentina is of 1997 and this meteorite is in
argentina in a province the name "chaco" because this
the meteorite name "chaco" too
Thursday November 27 1997
Now they say that they don't want to sell the giant
They affirm that nobody will see it to be in the
middle of · it mounts The Government chaqueño it
appealed to the Justice to impede that it is moved of
the place where it is.
(Resistance. Correspondent). - The owners of the field
where he/she is the meteorite The Chaco -the second in
the world for their weight, of 37 tons - they denied
yesterday that they will sell it, although they
admitted to have had many offers". on the other hand,
they intend to exploit it commercially, showing it for
the whole country and inclusive in the exterior.
The gigantic piece fell behind between 3.950 and 5.800
years amid a rain of meteorites, in a well-known area
as Field of the Sky, to the Southwest of the Chaco. In
the market of the celestial rocks it is calculated
that their value oscillates between the 7 and the 20
million dollars. So much the owners of those 100
hectares like the Government affirm to be the
proprietors of The Chaco". While the authorities
allege that they aid them the laws and they are
opposed to move it of the place, the managers sustain
that no law can overcome the acquired rights. Both
parts admit that it will be the Justice the one that
determines to who it belongs.
In January of 1997, the lands were bought in 25.000
dollars by Field of the Sky SRL. "We don't have
interest in selling the meteorite neither we are
offering it for Internet the manager it -assures
Rodolfo Figueras -. We are convinced that we are the
authentic owners because you attended us the right,
and we want to diffuse their existence to everybody".
legal Polemic
According to Figueras, if now the county discusses us
that right, it is to cover more than twenty years of
desidia toward something that is much more grateful in
other countries that here. In 1967, the North
Americans that studied the area were taken more than
900 meteorites he/she -adds -. We want to stop the
pillaging and to finish with the abandonment: for that
we buy the field."
It counted that in passed February they elevated a
project to the governor Angel you Touch who didn't
respond them. They intend to exhibit the meteorite for
the whole country and even in exhibitions of the
exterior, because it is an utopia that people come to
see it here, amid the mount". I/you/he/she would show
it to him with an informative show and of lights; with
a percentage of the entrances didactic material would
be bought for schools chaqueñas. "We don't want to
sell it Figueras he/she -insists -. If the county
wants to condemn it, we won't have another option. But
we will sit down to converse."
The district attorney of State of the Chaco, Eduardo
Castelán, doesn't doubt to affirm that The Chaco and
all the meteorites of the region are patrimony of the
county, by virtue of the provincial Constitution.
He/she explained that the presentation made in the
face of the Justice is not for the property of the
meteorite, what is outside of all doubt for the
Government, but I eat protection measure so that it is
not moved of its place."
However, Juan Carlos Címbaro Canella, grateful
specialist of Field of the Sky, says that the existent
laws were not good to protect the locations
meteoríticos". he Underlines that the robbery crimes
or damage of meteorites are not contemplated in the
Penal Procedural Code. And it mentions as example that
happened when the Police stopped an Uruguayan citizen
with 200 kilos of meteorites, but the judge should
leave it in freedom for not having a valid legal
instrument to stop it.
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