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That is a large chunk. What happened to it?

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> this is a old article publish in a newspaper of
> argentina is of 1997 and this meteorite is in
> argentina in a province the name "chaco" because this
> the meteorite name "chaco" too
> Thursday November 27 1997
> Now they say that they don't want to sell the giant
> meteorite
> They affirm that nobody will see it to be in the
> middle of · it mounts The Government chaqueño it
> appealed to the Justice to impede that it is moved of
> the place where it is.
> (Resistance. Correspondent). - The owners of the field
> where he/she is the meteorite The Chaco -the second in
> the world for their weight, of 37 tons - they denied
> yesterday that they will sell it, although they
> admitted to have had many offers". on the other hand,
> they intend to exploit it commercially, showing it for
> the whole country and inclusive in the exterior.
> The gigantic piece fell behind between 3.950 and 5.800
> years amid a rain of meteorites, in a well-known area
> as Field of the Sky, to the Southwest of the Chaco. In
> the market of the celestial rocks it is calculated
> that their value oscillates between the 7 and the 20
> million dollars. So much the owners of those 100
> hectares like the Government affirm to be the
> proprietors of The Chaco". While the authorities
> allege that they aid them the laws and they are
> opposed to move it of the place, the managers sustain
> that no law can overcome the acquired rights. Both
> parts admit that it will be the Justice the one that
> determines to who it belongs.
> In January of 1997, the lands were bought in 25.000
> dollars by Field of the Sky SRL. "We don't have
> interest in selling the meteorite neither we are
> offering it for Internet the manager it -assures
> Rodolfo Figueras -. We are convinced that we are the
> authentic owners because you attended us the right,
> and we want to diffuse their existence to everybody".
> legal Polemic
> According to Figueras, if now the county discusses us
> that right, it is to cover more than twenty years of
> desidia toward something that is much more grateful in
> other countries that here. In 1967, the North
> Americans that studied the area were taken more than
> 900 meteorites he/she -adds -. We want to stop the
> pillaging and to finish with the abandonment: for that
> we buy the field."
> It counted that in passed February they elevated a
> project to the governor Angel you Touch who didn't
> respond them. They intend to exhibit the meteorite for
> the whole country and even in exhibitions of the
> exterior, because it is an utopia that people come to
> see it here, amid the mount". I/you/he/she would show
> it to him with an informative show and of lights; with
> a percentage of the entrances didactic material would
> be bought for schools chaqueñas. "We don't want to
> sell it Figueras he/she -insists -. If the county
> wants to condemn it, we won't have another option. But
> we will sit down to converse."
> The district attorney of State of the Chaco, Eduardo
> Castelán, doesn't doubt to affirm that The Chaco and
> all the meteorites of the region are patrimony of the
> county, by virtue of the provincial Constitution.
> He/she explained that the presentation made in the
> face of the Justice is not for the property of the
> meteorite, what is outside of all doubt for the
> Government, but I eat protection measure so that it is
> not moved of its place."
> However, Juan Carlos Címbaro Canella, grateful
> specialist of Field of the Sky, says that the existent
> laws were not good to protect the locations
> meteoríticos". he Underlines that the robbery crimes
> or damage of meteorites are not contemplated in the
> Penal Procedural Code. And it mentions as example that
> happened when the Police stopped an Uruguayan citizen
> with 200 kilos of meteorites, but the judge should
> leave it in freedom for not having a valid legal
> instrument to stop it.
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