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What she said!
Except replace the single malt whiskey with Southern Comfort.
: )

Jeannie Devon

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> If you can afford it, I'd suggest buying both. They will both be
> enormously useful, but trying to decide between them is like trying to
> decide between New York cheesecake and single malt whiskey -- they
> complement each other nicely, and both are wonderful!
> If you're new to collecting, I'd go with Rocks from Space. It is
> virtually the bible of meteorite collecting and classification, containing
> a horde of useful information without being unreadable to the layperson.If
> you already have some experience, the Cambridge book might be more useful,
> but... naah. If you don't have it yet, I'd still go with Norton.
> My 2 grams (micromount),
> Tracy Latimer
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