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From: Walter Branch <branchw_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:01:33 2004
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Hello Herbert,

Yes, I saw the typo after the message was sent back to me.

Those of you who are in any way familiar with the 1861-1865 US civil war
know of General William T. Sherman's "March to the Sea," from Atlanta (which
he burned) to Savannah (where I live and he did not burn Savannah). Many of
the union soldiers camped in a famous cemetery here in Savannah called
Colonial Cemetery. As a practical joke, some of the dates on some of the
headstones were changed by his troops so that some people appeared to have
died before they were born!

The correct year for the meteorite fall is 1994.

So was the object that hit the care a meteorite or slag...?


Mike, do you happen to know the email address of the curator you spoke of


Walter Branch, Ph.D.
Branch Meteorites
322 Stephenson Ave., Suite B
Savannah, GA 31405 USA
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> Hello List,
> Walter Branch writes:
> > I have an astronomy textbook (Voyages Through the Universe,
> > Fraknoi, Morrison, and Wolf, 1997) in which a meteorite is
> > reported to have struck a car and the driver.
> ...
> > Did the curator verify the date, June, 1999?
> The really interesting question is this: How can a astronomy
> textbook from 1997 report on a meteorite fall from June 1999...?
> So I think that the book refers to the controversial event of
> June 21, 1994, when a 1.4kg stone hit a car that was driving
> down the road from Madrid to Marbella. However, many more small
> stones of the same type were found around the impact site, and
> these stones have later been identified as a piece of slag.
> There were some reports on that in Sky & Telescope in 1994/95.
> Best greetings,
> Herbert
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