[meteorite-list] Possible Two new Canadian Meteorites

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Date: Thu Apr 22 10:01:33 2004
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Try a nickel test. If it comes back positive chances are you've got a

Rhett Bourland

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I just had a bunch of rocks sent to me from the finder in Quebec Canada and
two actually looks like they could be meteorites. They are very strongly
magnetic like a campo. The first rock looks to have more potential of being
a meteorite than the second one but the second one looks interesting also.
The face on that first meteorite looks polished and makes a good mirror. The
second rock looks similar to a couple silicated irons that i have seen.
See here and if anybody can identify the material from the photo as a earth
rock that is found in the canadian shield let me know
Anybody think that these two might be worth getting checked out as being a
meteorite? That first rock could sure fool me - especially considering how
strong magnetic it is. It appears to be solid iron.
And if they are not meteorites you have some photos of a couple VERRRRRY
Good meteor wrongs.
You dont have to go to NASA to get a Rock from outer space. Or even from the
Planet Mars or the Moon. You just have to visit the Meteorite Shop.

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