[meteorite-list] Possible Two new Canadian Meteorites

From: David Freeman <dfreeman_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:01:33 2004
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Dear Dean, Rhett, List;
Remember that there is one heck of a large nickel deposit located in
Labrador, the Guardian Minerals or former interest that Robert Garnet
located a number of years ago, How far your specimen came from that
very rich nickel area could have something to do with its meteoritic
origin, or meteoritic origin from an impact (if I remember correctly)
that is being mined for nickel. I would look into more iridium testing
if it is positive for nickel as it may be related to a known deposit.
 From the pictures it L_at_@KS like a lot of nickel in there too.
Or not,
Dave Freeman
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Rhett Bourland wrote:

>Try a nickel test. If it comes back positive chances are you've got a
>Rhett Bourland
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>I just had a bunch of rocks sent to me from the finder in Quebec Canada and
>two actually looks like they could be meteorites. They are very strongly
>magnetic like a campo. The first rock looks to have more potential of being
>a meteorite than the second one but the second one looks interesting also.
>The face on that first meteorite looks polished and makes a good mirror. The
>second rock looks similar to a couple silicated irons that i have seen.
>See here and if anybody can identify the material from the photo as a earth
>rock that is found in the canadian shield let me know
>Anybody think that these two might be worth getting checked out as being a
>meteorite? That first rock could sure fool me - especially considering how
>strong magnetic it is. It appears to be solid iron.
>And if they are not meteorites you have some photos of a couple VERRRRRY
>Good meteor wrongs.
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