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34th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference
March 17-21, 2003

First Announcement

National Aeronautis and Space Administration
Lunar and Planetary Institute
NASA Johnson Space Center

Elleen Stansbery, NASA Johnson Space Center
Arch Reid, Lunar and Planetary Institute

We are pleased to invite your participation in the 34th Lunar and
Planetary Science Conference to be held near the NASA Johnson Space
Center in League City, Texas, March 17-21, 2003. This conference
brings together international specialists in petrology, geochemistry,
geophysics, geology, and astronomy to present the latest results of
research in planetary science.


You are encouraged to submit ideas and suggestions for plenary or
special sessions to Paula Walley by September 6, 2002, so they can be
considered, planned, and publicized. Organizers of these sessions
should be prepared to serve on the Program Committee, or to have a
fully empowered delegate serve on the Program Committee, if requested
by the Conference Chairs. Authors of invited talks for special
sessions must meet the same deadline for abstracts as authors of
contributed papers (see below). Organizers who wish to have invited
talks represented in the conference abstract volume should make the
invited speakers aware of the deadline restrictions when inviting
their presentation.


Participants may indicate a preference for oral, poster, or print-only
presentation. The Program Committee will make all decisions on the
mode of presentation to ensure a balance of as many important new
research results as possible. Selection criteria will be based on the
relevance of the subject matter to the conference and the quality of
the science. The 4.5-day conference will be organized by topical
symposia and problem-oriented sessions.


In an effort to move the abstract deadline back to January, while
still allowing sufficient time and personnel to prepare for the
program committee meeting, we will have TWO separate deadlines for
electronic submission of abstracts. The deadline for electronically
submitting abstracts in PDF format will be 5:00 p.m. (CST) Tuesday,
January 14, 2003. Authors who are unable to produce PDF files must
submit their abstracts electronically by 5:00 p.m. (CST) Tuesday,
January 7, 2003.

Authors who are unable to submit electronically will have to request
special instructions (phone: 281-486-2188; fax: 281-486-2125; e-mail:
publish_at_lpi.usra.edu). Hard-copy submissions will be due at the LPI no
later than January 7, 2003.

Non-PDF submissions or hard-copy submissions that arrive after January
7, 2003, will not be considered for the conference.

Detailed information regarding abstract preparation and submission
will be available via the meeting Web page and will be included in the
second announcement, to be posted on the conference Web site by the
middle of November.


There will again be a limit of TWO abstracts per first author for oral
or poster presentation requests. If you submit two abstracts, you will
be asked to rank them in order of preference.

As was the rule last year, print-only abstracts will be allowed, but
ONLY from those authors who are NOT submitting an abstract for oral or
poster presentation. In other words, if you're requesting a print-only
abstract, you cannot submit an abstract for any other type of
presentation. Authors are limited to ONE print-only request.

The program committee will strictly enforce the above policies.
Abstracts submitted in violation of these policies will be rejected.
The only exception will be for those who are invited to give a talk at
a special session (e.g., the Masursky Lecture, or a special topical
session). Those abstracts will not be counted against authors as one
of the two abstracts they are allowed to submit.


 September 6, 2002 Deadline for submitting suggestions for special sessions.

 October 4, 2002 Deadline for returning the Indication of Interest Form.

 November 15, 2002 Second announcement with abstract submission instructions
                    will be posted on the meeting Web page.

 TUESDAY, January 7, 2003, Deadline for hard-copy submission and
 5:00 p.m. (U.S. Centralnon-PDF electronic submission of
 Standard Time) abstracts. Hard-copy and non-PDF
abstracts received after this date
will be returned to the author.

 TUESDAY, January 14, 2003, Deadline for electronic submission of
 5:00 p.m. (U.S. Centralabstracts in PDF format. No abstracts
 Standard Time) will be accepted after this time.

 On or before February 3, 2003 Final announcement, guide to
sessions, and preliminary program and
abstracts will be posted on the
meeting Web page.
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