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Date: Thu Apr 22 10:06:13 2004
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hello list hello steven
i agree with you its not the day,
my sincer condoleances for sarah and his family.
steven , what i sad today will be published next week in
the outssiking us magasine.
mr donahue has heard everthing , there is nothing to save.
i tryed in morroco , to told him no , no way nothing.
he is asking only bad question.
did he ask abaout meteorite , no;
ididnt understand , why a writer come from usa to write
abaout this garbage, why not abaout the stone.
its just to crasy .
he was serious enough to understand that he will write and
publish everthing.
i met him very late in the day, he has spend already two
days in the desert with dealers and nomade.
no matter how , no way.
what is done is already done.
he know everthing, and you will see in one week or two you
will read what he wrote.

again my sincer condoleances for sarah and all the
meteorite comunity.
> -------Message d'origine-------
> De : SSachs9056_at_aol.com
> Date : 01/11/102 04:23:36
> To the list,
> I don't know about everyone else, but I'm having to take
some deep breaths
> getting through these postings.
> First, we lose a fellow meteorite-list member, colleague,
and that in itself
> should give us all time to pause and reflect.
> Second, is the deal that tanked with Steve Arnold, and
it's aftermath with
> another list member.
> Third, is the exchange regarding the NWA 482, and now
this posting which, if
> it reads correctly, poses some extremely damaging
information, which I
> frankly think should have been posted a bit more
privately---or at the very
> least, put on the back burner for a short time.
> All this on Halloween. Damn! This day is going to be
one "tough-mother" to
> close out on a more upbeat note.
> Here's Hoping and Praying for a better day tomarrow to
all list members....
> Steven L. Sachs IMCA # 9210
> hello list hello all.
> nwa482 ,,to be or not to be??? ,,this is the question???.
> this week i was visited by mike farmer and jim stroope
> jim stroope is a good mature sage guy.sincerly
> they ask me in my house what you have for sell i show
> what i have , include what you bought from me.
> mike apoligises to have attack me in the list ; he told
> i do not want that amerecains come and buy in morroco but
> have to much respect for habibi.
> i sad to jim stroope you are a respectable guy and i have
> lot of respect for you, and i will not answer mike farmer
> in the list. i m the kind of guy who respect first
> i do not fight in the road , and i will not fall down in
> the street, for dollars.
> i forget everything while many dealers asked me stone
> upfront to send stone and to get money later .
> ididnt answer, why????
> i m a third world dealers no one can believe me , i put
> ouzina wich is real and they told me its not ouzina.
> a week later adam and greg hupe visited in erfoud with mr
> donahue from portland a writer from outside us magasine
> asked me what hapenned i say i do not know its may be
> storys.
> he told me your ouzina was true and you others stone was
> perfect and its advertising you to make you fall down.
> i sad i have many good collectors friend and it working
> well.
> he told me that you are going to be pubelished in this
> magasine for a millions copies.
> i sad why im a poor guy what for.
> he told me here is a problem.
> what do you think nwa482 was 1015gr or more i sad all the
> dealers sad it was 1278gr and mike payed 13000$ 10$ per
> this is exactley the wiegth.
> all the dealer of morroco sad ir was 1278 gr
> from amouri he sad i asked mike 100000$ to falsifecate
> document , mike gived me 6500$ to falsifecate the
> amouri was riped of before as they promess to amouri a
> bonus that he never get.
> mike was in my house with jim and i get dinner with
them ,
> they never told me abaout that.
> the hupe brother come to erfoud , hello habibi welcome
> what hapennd i sad here is all the dealer ask
> all the dealer sad mike was falsifieng document with med.
> the writer donahue heard all the story and it was to late
> to resolve any.
> i sad to greg hupe please , its too bad for morroco this
> story and he sad , i want the justice for all the
> i could not say anything else.
> the writer told me did mike told you anything abaout
> i sad its not posssible the hupe brother are my friend
> however we have a problem of account; mike know that they
> was my friend.he could not asked me that.
> adam hupe told me in my house , we do not want to have
> trouble( adam is the best collecetors i ever know he is
> fair and honnest and i have lurn with him stones)).
> but mike has stoled us and we are going to take him to
> court of justice.
> we spend a night with this incredible writer it was to
> to resolve anything, all the morrocan dealer had sad it
> 1278gr.
> i told greg , hey man , its possible by geothecnique to
> reconsturct the stone and then to put in a a graduate
> cubique cm3 box and make the diffrence and multiplie by
> density , you have all the mass.by exact gr.
> he told me scinetist are doing the same.
> i told to greg all this is too bad for morroco, and for
> he told me its time to explain to collectors the thrued.
> i sad mike was with me last week he was stressed but
> ididnt understand , in real all the story i heard from
> nomade collectors and all the rest from lats year
> by mistake i told the hupe brother nwa482 was 1278 gr
> is the rest they told me how, and i close it up i stoped
> i ididnt understand.
> i know that amouri sad it was 1278 gr the guy who sell it
> to mike .
> i konw that sallem brahim sell it for 1278 gr.
> i know that aid sad it was1278 gr
> i know that i have it for a month , i was playing golf
> with??????????.
> its an unresolved question.
> scientist must do more.
> if you take a stone iregular and you want to have volume
> cm3
> you put in a gradute cm3 box water and you make the
> difrence.
> this what i heard i have nothing against anyone.
> nwa482 is 99% 1278 gr scientist can proofe that.
> i think that i have a responsbilty of the trued agains
> list this what i think its up to scientist to make the
> difrence.
> all the best
> habibi
> nb: its up to mike to proofe if its true or not ,
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