[meteorite-list] Alien's with green waste?

From: John Gwilliam <jkg_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:06:14 2004
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KK, Mike, Dave and List,
Among the truly gifted people on this List, Kevin Kichinka ranks near the
top for his writing skills as a word smithy. Knowing Kevin personally, I
will vouch for him and say that his use of the "s" word was surely meant to
be humorous and not offensive.

However, since there are some list members who object to the word
(including myself, who has been known to use it on occasions) I suggest we
find an alternate word that will be more acceptable.
Since meteorite anagrams have become so popular in the last few days, I
have listed a few anagrams for synonyms ( for Dave Freeman's
benefit...those are words that have the same meaning...;-)) for the "s" word.




At 07:26 PM 11/6/02 -0700, David Freeman wrote:
>Dear Mike, list;
>I agree with your dislike of the "S" word, I found it rather crude and
>lacking taste as well, although I used it once in private in a moment of
>pain and disbelief when I locked my keys in the car, and the other time
>when I locked myself out of the house.
>I do think that most any kid that finds his/her way to our list has
>probably already been exposed to drugs in school, probably had the
>opportunity to use the "S" word themselves numerous times, coveted at
>least a few things in the adult world, cars, loud sterio, RAP music, etc.
>(oh, I forgot that they can all surf the net better than we, and can type
>"sex" into the search engines), and are basically not even virgins anymore
>after 14 or 15 years old. Most have tried cigarettes and many have
>probably drank alcohol.
>"S" words do not belong on the list but I doubt that the children of the
>list were as shocked as the adults.
>I'd rather block or delete common/repeat idiots (and we have a few) that
>an occasional error in language or taste.
>I mean, I love the dog story as much as anyone, but I respect all here
>enough to delete them rather than block them out, we all have something of
>value to contribute on occasion.
>Save the Kevin Foundation,
>DAve F. Who didn't know what an anagram was, I don't do crosswords either.
>Long live the dog's tail.
>Mike Groetz wrote:
>>Another email sender blocked. Kids (and adults) read
>>these emails to learn. Many kids have typed in here
>>before asking questions. What benefit is this posting?
>>--- MARSROX_at_aol.com wrote:
>>>Of course alien shit's OK. Everyone's shit's OK.
>>>(Sikhote Alin.......)
>>>Kevin Kichinka
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