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Date: Thu Apr 22 10:06:16 2004
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Hi Jeff,

   I think we saw the same head on Leonid as I am in Fairfax county
also....mine was in Leo proper and winked on and off. I counted 253 Leonids
from 0430 to 0605, under clear skies and 28 deg F, with approximately 60%
sky coverage and a LM of about 4.0. I saw 5 at once and several other pairs
and triples at 0540. many had nice trains but no trains lasted longer than a
few seconds. There were no fireballs, the brightest Leonid was about the
brightness of Jupiter. Extra pluses were the ISS soaring majestically
through Leo and the radiant, 3 satellites, a beautiful sporadic that went
from West to East, a nice contrast to the Leonids. The winter stars and
cavalcade of planets, illuminated by the Full Moon made for a wonderful
celestial experience. I am sure we are all covered in Leonid dust. Not the
storm of '66 but not a bad meteor viewing experience.

All the best,
Greg Redfern
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The meteors were quite nice here. We had scattered high, thin clouds,
limiting magnitude around 4 outside my house in the Washington suburbs.

Between 4 and 5 am local time I saw about 50, including one "head-on",
something I've never seen before.

Between 5 and 5:30 the rate increased to around 2/minute.

Around 5:45-6:00 there was a strong peak lasting about 5-10 minutes, when I
was seeing one every 2-4 seconds, including a burst where 5 were visible at
once. Morning twilight then wiped out the show.


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