[meteorite-list] two new nwa meteorite and last sale of nwa 1460,

From: aziz habibi <aziz.habibi_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:06:16 2004
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hello list hello all,
i send this letter yesterday here i try again,
i m happy to tell you that we get two new meteorite,
---the first one is a new carbonaceous,i hope that some
one in the list could do further study on that one
by the way dear list members can you advice me on a
specialist of carbonaceous
(((((N2 C2 chondrite

Black body color suggests a high carbon content.
Aggregate of Mg-Al spinel, perovskite, pure forsterite,
pure enstatite, fassaitic clinopyroxene, phyllosilicate
minerals, Fe-Ni sulfide and metal (5% Ni). This stone may
deserve futher study by an expert on carbonaceous

--- the segond one is new rare type of Primitive bronzite-
olivine achondrite???.
this stone is only 26 gr and i m going to sell some of it .
((((N12 Primitive bronzite-olivine achondrite

Mostly magnesian bronzite (Wo2.2Fs11.2, FeO/MnO =3D 13) and
forsteritic olivine (Fa11.6, FeO/MnO =3D 24) with Fe-Ni
metal (5-10 % Ni), troilite and interstitial sodic
feldspar (Ab81Or3). Limonite and minor calcite along
grain boundaries presumably are products of terrestrial
weathering of metal. This stone appears to be a new
example of a rare class of primitive, reduced ultramafic
achondrites including Itqiy, Zaklodzie and NWA 1457. An
NWA number should be obtained for this very interesting
so if you are intersted in this new meteorites please
contact me,
--- the third meteorite is the last slice for sell from
nwa 1460 , it`s 2.41 gr with nice crust chek photo please
on :
please chek nwa 1460 album.

at the end ,i can tell you that two new martien stone are
on the way, and i will publish all the information on the
list,for any further information please contact me.

all the best

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