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From: Steven Schoner <american_meteorite_survey_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:06:18 2004
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For many of us, with regards to the more common types
meteorite identification is fairly straightforward.

Chondrites most of us could easily identify.

And many of the achondrites are fairly easy to spot as

But the final word, when questions of authenticity
exist lie with institutions aligned with the
Meteoritical Society; Nomenclature Committee.

Recently much dispute has occurred over alleged lunar
and Martian samples. These are difficult to identify,
for unless they possess a clearly defined fusion crust
they resemble terrestrial rocks so closely that it
would take a sharp eye to sort them out from ordinary
rocks. And even should one do so, and have what they
suspect to be a lunar or Martian meteorite, it is not
to be said that such is the case until the
Meteoritical Society, Nomenclature Committee confirms

Provisional or official NWA, DAG, Dhofar, and other
such #'s are not arbitrarily assigned, nor are they to
be assigned by the finder. Such is the domain of the
Nomenclature Committee.

With new meteorite finds...

It is not officially a meteorite, lunar, planetary, or
asteroidal with a name until the Meteoritical Society
confirms it.

With this in mind all new finds must not only pass the
tests and analysis of a reputable institution(s), but
be accepted by the Meteoritical Society, Nomenclature

That is the bottom line.

Steve Schoner
IMCA #4470

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