[meteorite-list] MERCURY HOPE?

From: aziz habibi <aziz.habibi_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:06:18 2004
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hello list hello all,
happy holidays and happy thanksgiving day,
there a week that i lost sleep ,i get a stone me a good
friend nelson oakes last year
wich have a nice double crust , and vesiculated matrix,
and the
bubbles in the fusion crust .
wonderfull melted stone, abaout 39 gr.
the scientist are amazed by this stone.
all the first analysis sad its planetary ratios feo/mno.
its has an equation third degree , all confirm thats a
strange planetary meteorite , could be lunar mare
basalt ,but than melted could be melted martien, but
also as we do not know what a stone from mercury look
like , we can't say much.
what i hope is that this stone turn to be from mercury.
so my question for the list as i want here to open a debat,
o-isotope anlysis can they say for sur if a stone is from
mercury or not??.
if yes how ??
if the o-isotope analysis can't say if a stone is from
mercury ,how can we find a system to compare or to proofe
that a stone is from mercury???.
than what a value of this stone could be if its the first
stone in the world from mercury.
all this look a little crazy to me.but let's dream some.
a stone wich have may be first strange melt feature.
this stone has been fragmented from a parent body wich
have been shok- molten,and this stone wich is n3
is simpley wonderfull,
sorry but im too excited that i lost sleep,and i tell you
abaout that not to share my stone , no, but to know if is
there a possiblity that a stone from mercury could be
founld on earth , and if so what are our chance to find
it ,
how can we demonstrate this ,can we proceed by absolut
method ,if the stone is not from mars , moon , earth than
it'sfrom mercury,or by recurence if N istrue than N+1is
true,if the compostion of a planet can demonstrate the
composition of others just to take in suposition, distance
time and all dimensions.

the noble gases method does this work for martien or also
other planets,
do we know the atmosphere of mercury or not,
as we have no sample from this planet .
what do you think there list??
my hope is to be real and scientist let me know nextly
that's true.
let's dream we never know.
all the best
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