[meteorite-list] oxidation

From: mark ferguson <refam_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:18:26 2004
Message-ID: <20030212060404.58511.qmail_at_web40207.mail.yahoo.com>

I was watching discovery channel this evening and saw
something that just would have never occured to me. It
seems, that when something oxidizes, it gains weight
from the added oxygen atoms!
How simple a principle can that be!? So, to keep tabs
on your collection, one only needs to weigh them
periodicly to see if they've gone off the diet, as it
were. Could help in seeing an unseen problem before
its too late. Of course, it'd be hard to find a scale
to weigh those 10-30 lb or more prizes, but for the
smaller stuff, it could keep you from obtaining a
collection of expensive rust!

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