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From: Tom aka James Knudson <knudson911_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:18:26 2004
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Hello Bob and list, I might be new to this, but I do know one thing! I
started out with a rather small collection that over this last year has not
grown much. It is still a small collection (30) with a lot of duplicate
meteorites. I kept my meteorites in a military ammo box with a big bag of
desiccant. I thought that would protect them well, well it did not! I kept
getting rust spots on my stones and irons.
    With some advise from the list and some of my own ideas I do not worry
about rust any more, and will never will think about it again!
I now keep my meteorite collection in a 10 gallon fish tank (no water). I
have three large bags of desiccant on the bottom and covered them with
silver sand. Then, I have a little cartridge called Rust Inhibitor that fits
into a 12 gauge shot gun or can be hung in a gun safe with Velcro.I got it
at wal-mart for $4.00. I hade a piece of glass cut to fit the top of the
tank perfectly! I folded black type around the edge of the glass top and it
acts like a gasket to seal the tank (some what).
    I have not had one problem with rust ever since! This will keep your
meteorites from rusting without coating them. Removing the rust in the first
place, I cant tell you. : ) TRY IT, YOU WILL LIKE IT!
Thanks, Tom
The proudest member of the IMCA 6168

P.S. My biggest is less than 200g's, I would do anything to have a 19 pound
iron! I am still trying to get a 500g meteorite for my collection. :

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> All,
> My best specimen from Tucson 2003 is (drumroll please)... a rusty 19-pound
> Campo!
> (Hey, we can't ALL offer $5k for the nice bullet-shaped pieces like some
> folks can.)
> I want to clean this sucker up, but I need advice. I believe that there
> should be four steps in the process:
> (1) Brushing off the rust
> (2) Soaking in a chemical solution
> (3) Baking in the oven at 150 Fahrenheit for a few hours
> (4) Coating it to keep moisture out
> Step #3 I think I understand well enough. :)
> - Is there a certain type of brush to use? Wire, of course. Does it matter
> what type of wire? Can I put something on my cordless drill to make it go
> quicker/easier?
> - What is the chemical bath formula? I know I've seen it here...
> - What should I coat it with? I'm thinking of using the type of oil used
> gun barrels. Yes/No? Other options?
> And, as ever, is there a really good, accurate, step-by-step web site that
> covers stabilizing a rusty meteorite?
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