[meteorite-list] when will the US see another meteorite fall and recovery?

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Date: Thu Apr 22 10:18:27 2004
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Eric and others,

The fireball in PA was a big one. I missed seeing it by seconds...I was out
front working and stepped in for a minute for a drink of water...only to
miss it. As for where it landed...possibly in the bordering counties of PA
and NY, near the middle of PA. There is some farmland in that area...but
most of it is heavily wooded eastern mountains (or foothills to you Western
guys). Tough terrain to find a couple rocks...especially when most of these
two states are one big rock, thinly covered by a little bit of topsoil and
vegetation...the woods and underbrush are almost jungle like in many of
these areas. A tough area to find meteorites...as far as I know from
reports, no one saw it come in close anywhere...so they are probably sitting
on the side of a mountain covered by six inches of leaves, etc. and two feet
of snow (right now).

The mountains and terrain of Colorado also offers great challenges to
finding these falls.

Flatlands and deserts are obviously the optimum locations for falls.


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> << Here in Colorado over the last 4 years, we have had at least 8 bright
> fireballs that were tracked and trajectories calculated. Thanks to the
> museum, they have been publicized in newspapers and on TV (a la the
> "way"). One of these (to my current knowledge) has produced a meteorite.
> However, the others were certainly large enough to produce meteorites. So,
> answer your question, we are not in a meteorite drought, just most are
> recovered or if they are, they are not linked to a fireball event or made
> public. >>
> As I recall there was a huge fireball in New York/Pennsylvania a
> years ago that did not result in a found meteorite. Also a big fireball
> Arizona between Phoenix and Tucson a couple years ago that the University
> conducted searches for that resulted in good exercise but not a meteorite.
> They are dropping by, but nobody is around to welcome them home.
> I was joking with somebody about building an electromagnet a mile or
> across to collect meteorites. The thought of sucking a mercedes benz off
> highway and the resulting lawsuits seemed to be a problem to some, but I
> image it would be a sight to see!
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