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Date: Thu Apr 22 10:18:31 2004
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I think I can spealk for all of us here as I say thank you for your 18.5
years of service. We all know every one of our men and women in the armed
forces will serve our country proudly.
My blessings for your wife. Stand by her, she is far stronger than all of
us, and will still need you for support. I was touched by your words and
your devotion to her and you were absolutely correct....we are all stars.

Mark M.
Phoenix AZ

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> Hi everybody. This is Rand. No, I'm not a scientist. I don't work for
> I'm not a mathematician. I don't have a collection of meteorites. I'm not
> wealthy by any means. I'm just a regular, average guy trying to figure
> out the best I can. So far I've spent 18.5 years as an enlisted man in
> U.S. Army. How ironic! I despise war. I have a profound respect for
life and
> the environment. I saw a military career as an excellent opportunity for
me to
> provide for my family. I served in the war zone, but not as a combatant.
> served in a combat support hospital in the Arabian Desert providing humane
> treatment for fellow soldiers and prisoners of war alike. Recently I was
> almost deployed again. Officials deemed it best that I stay home this
time. I
> concur with their decision. My wife, Gina is severely disabled in
> stages of multiple sclerosis. She needs me here.
> I'd like to share something with the list. One night my wife lay in her
> watching television. Observing the performers on screen she said, "I wish
> could be a star." I responded, "You ARE a star!" Right now as you fight
> disease with all of your determination, You are a star! As you raised our
> children and worked to supplement our income, You were a star! As you
> your parents, their lives dwindling in their twilight, you were a star.
As you
> continue your life, doing the very best you can do, you will continue on
as a
> star!
> So are YOU ALL STARS! Each of you in your own way! Here in this list we
> people from many walks of life, from countries around the world. Whatever
> strengths may be, in each or your distinct assemblage of personality
traits and
> talents, as you do your best....You are ALL STARS! I'm honored to be
> your associates. Rand Kluge
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