[meteorite-list] New Illinois Fall, Lang-Hupe team on location

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Date: Thu Apr 22 10:23:52 2004
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Hello all

I hope in a photo-report.....


--- Adam Hupe <adamhupe_at_attbi.com> wrote:
> Dear list members,
> I am posting for my brother, Adam and Al Lang who
> both flew to the Illinois fall within three hours of
> hearing about it last night and were the first
> non-locals to arrive and start interviewing and
> collecting specimens. Al flew from New York while
> Adam flew from Seattle and they met at the airport
> in Chicago early this morning. We should have speedy
> preliminary results through the University of
> Washington like we did with Bensour.
> While they were in route, I called and interviewed
> the local police chief and others to arrange
> meetings for Adam and Al once they landed. They did
> meet with the chief and the Univeristy of Chicago
> along with dozens of residents of the area.
> They report that the fall appears to be about 40
> kilos so far but will probably grow once more
> reports come in. At first glance, it appears to be
> an LL6 chondrite like Bensour and Kilabo but with a
> courser crust. It is loaded with troilite like the
> others also.
> This fall is definately a "hammer" as two houses, a
> fire house and at least two cars were hit. Adam and
> Al are educating locals what to look for and were
> told of one instance where a dog found a freshly
> crusted stone also! They are canvasssing the
> neighborhoods and mapping the strewn field by
> addresses at the outset and will follow up with GPS
> coordinates as time allows.
> If anyone in the Illinois area would like to get in
> contact with Adam and Al, please call Adam on his
> cell number at (425) 591-8738. They will be in the
> area for a few days or as long as it takes.
> I will report more as word comes in.
> Take care,
> Greg Hupe
> IMCA 2185

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