[meteorite-list] Shipping theft IE HIGH CHARGES

From: John Gwilliam <jkg_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:29:53 2004
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Anne, Mike and List,
I agree with Mike, it is wasteful to send items of small value (let's say
$25.00) via Priority mail. However, when the value of the shipped item is
higher than that, Priority is the safest way to go.

Let me explain what I mean by "safest."

A few years ago, I shipped an item to a first time buyer via 1st Class at
his request. After a week or so, I started receiving daily emails from him
that he hadn't received the item yet. After several more days, he demanded
a refund of his money. If I remember correctly, the item sold for around
$90.00 and had cost me $60.00. To keep my Ebay customer happy, I had to
send him a refund or face the possibility of receiving negative
feedback. After that, I made it a policy to ship all items valued over
$25.00 via USPS Priority with a Delivery Confirmation. Using this system,
I can track the shipment of the package.
A month or so later, the same Ebay bidder won another item which was worth
about $100.00. The description in my auction clearly stated that I
shipping on that item would be via USPS Priority. I received his payment,
shipped the item Priority ( with Delivery Confirmation) and thought I was
done with it. The buyer sent me an email a week or so later..."where's my
package?" I told him I'd sent it and he went into his previous routine
about wanting a refund if he didn't receive the package. I went to the
USPS website and tracked the package. It had been delivered to him four
days prior. I figured he'd received the package and would now be
happy. But, a few days later, I get another email from him and he's now
demanding a refund. His email included his phone number so I called
him. I let him rant and rave for a minute or so and then told him I had
proof that the package had been delivered to him three days after I had
shipped it. After a few tongue tied moments he said he'd get back with
me. Later, he did call me back and say that his wife had received the
package a week before, had opened it, put it on "the wrong desk" and
neglected to tell him about it.

Shipping Priority + Delivery Confirmation saved me $100.00.

Now, very few dishonest, thank goodness for that, but I've had enough
problems similar to the one above that I ship Priority to people I haven't
dealt with before and/or if the value of the item justifies it.



At 10:41 PM 9/9/03 -0700, Michael Farmer wrote:
>Anne and all, that is a waste, tiny items shipped priority? I have found
>over the last 7 years of doing this that first class almost always arrives
>just as timely.
>Of course, as long as you send that way and charge that then it is ok. I
>am talking more about the people who charge one rate and send at a lower
>weight. I have had several emails from clients of mine who discuss this
>about other dealers.
>Mike Farmer
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>>>I just saw one dealer who is on this list, selling a 1 gram Taza stone
>>>and adding $3.85 shipping charge. It costs .45 cents to ship and maybe
>>>.20 cents for the envelope. NET gain for the dealer $3.00 profit on the
>>>shipping alone.
>>unless it is shipped by Priority Mail then the dealer is making $0 on
>>shipping. I don't know about you but I ship practically everything in the
>>States by Priority Mail, safer and quicker.
>>BTW: I did not take the time to go search Ebay to see who you are talking
>>about, just a tad busy right now.
>>Anne M. Black
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