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From: Steve Schoner <steve_schoner_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:29:56 2004
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--- Tom aka James Knudson <knudson911_at_frontiernet.net>
> Hello List, Scientists are now thinking that mars is
> red from meteorite
> dust, right? They also say tons of meteorite dust
> are landing on earth,
> right?
> I was wondering if the black iron stuff we get on
> our magnets when we
> drag them through the dirt could me meteorite
> related?
> Thanks, Tom
> Peregrineflier <><
> The proudest member of the IMCA 6168


Most of that "black stuff" is magnetite, a common
terrestrial mineral.

However, there might be a small fraction of it being
meteoric, but sorting it out would be a chore indeed.
Every grain would have to be tested for Ni, and even
then the question of meteoric origin would still
remain until further testing was done.

Only a government with funding to do such studies
would make the task perhaps worth someone's effort.

Steve Schoner/ams

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