[meteorite-list] Are Meteorites For Boys Only?

From: tracy latimer <daistiho_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sat Aug 21 19:39:05 2004
Message-ID: <BAY22-F17MpTMFgCoRv0008412e_at_hotmail.com>

I think it depends both on nature and nurture. My parents recognized at an
early age that I wanted to know what made things 'tick', and blessed me with
many family vacations to interesting spots and informative books. I still
have rocks I picked up in the bottom of the Grand Canyon, an enormous
collection of seashells acquired on Sanibel Island, and a few crumbs I
brushed from the soles of my shoes after climbing Ayers Rock. They also
argued my case with the school counselor who refused to let me take AP
Physics; I think my father wanted another engineer in the family :-)

I like to know "why", but just as much, I like things that make me think or
are beautiful. Sometimes the beauty is more intellectual than physical, as
the notion that I can hold a rock that came from the Moon or Mars or farther
out! I still drool over a nice slice of Esquel, though, which you must
admit is as nice as anything that ever came from the workshops of Tiffany.

Science is for everyone!
Tracy Latimer

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