[meteorite-list] Are Meteorites For Boys Only?

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Date: Sat Aug 21 18:01:26 2004
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First Bernd, I really agree that is a gorgeous slice of Tambo Quemado!
Its really *einmalig*! ;-)

To the question is it for boys only, well, I guess we all know better,
because there is Anne Black, Twink Monrad, Tracy, Maria, Teresa Moss and my
friend Cuc Schaeffer and me that I am aware of.
Compared to the men on the list it is not too many of us.
Cuc and I went meteorite hunting just the other day without a man! ;-)

Hello Moni, and guys!

It was all a man's fault that I started collecting minerals.
My (ex) husband liked to go fishing, something that I found very boring, so
while he waited for a fish to commit suicide, I started looking around and
finding pretty rocks, not at all difficult when you are in the Rockies. Then I
wanted to know what those pretty rocks were, then I discovered the Denver Show,
.......and I now have a large mineral collection, and a lot of meteorites.
And yes, Bernd, your Tambo is very interesting. I have a bunch of them, I
better go look at them again, and very carefully.

Anne Black
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