[meteorite-list] Question: SAH99150 & SAH00225

From: Jeff Kuyken <jeff_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sun Aug 22 09:12:20 2004
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G'day Martin & Bernhard,

I purchased a 187.80g Half Stone from a dealer's eBay auction with the
Labenne number "00225" written on it. Like yourself, when I later received
the piece and did some searching on the number I too realised that it had
been classified as an EL6. However, "Sahara 00225" has a TKW of just 64g. I
don't think my piece is an E chondrite. From what I could understand after
enquiring to the Labennes is that my meteorite is "00225" and not "Sahara
00225". Maybe Luc could add something more. Keep in mind that my piece is a
half stone meaning that it could be (minutely) possible there is another
150g-200g out there. I'll try and get some photos up on my site of my piece.


Jeff Kuyken
I.M.C.A. #3085

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  Hola list,
  Bernhard asked me to forward his mail, as he comes not through like
  other members (neither with Html nor text formate).


  Hi there,

  I have recently checked all my meteorites against sources on the
  internet regarding the classes I have written down for them. Everything
  is fine, with the exception of two meteorites from the SAH bunch:

  1) SAH 99150 - I have no information about this one.

  2) SAH 00225 - this is pretty strange. I bought a 4g part slice from
  Michael Farmer back in October 2003. As far as I remember, it was sold
  as unclassified back then (for me, it looks like an ordinary chondrite).
  Now I have found a MetBull from 2001, calling SAH 00225 an enstatite
  chondrite. Most likely, my piece of SAH 00225 isn't 00225 at all, Has
  anyone a photo of a piece of this meteorite so I can compare mine?
  Furthermore, what was the meteorite Michael sold as 00225 last year? Did
  I swap numbers? Michael, do you still remember what you sold back then
  or do you still own something from this meteorite?

  Your help is very much appreciated.

  A last question: does anyone know what the outcome of the classification
  of NWA 1685 is? I still have it listed as "unclassified".


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