[meteorite-list] Question: SAH99150 & SAH00225

From: dean bessey <deanbessey_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sun Aug 22 09:31:16 2004
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Maybe the labbennes can clear this up but they told me
several years ago that they had a numbering error.
I had one of their sahara meteorites that they
numbered 00225 (Before NWAs I bought a lot of the
labbennes unclassified stuff) and I sold it as
unclassified which it was.
Later some rare and expensive classification came up
as SAH00225 (I cant remeber what it was) and after
asking about it the labbennes indicated that it was an
error as what I had was unclassified. I sold all mine
cheap as unclassified at under $1 a gram and this was
So basically, if you bought SAH00225 as unclassified
and under $2 a gram you have the error numbered one
that the labbennes made a mistake in numbering and if
you bought it as a rare and expensive classification
paying much more you have the rare classification.
At least this should be how it is anyway. I dont think
that anybody has bought any that was misrepresented as
to the classification. The error one was all long sold
before the rare classification one was announced and
my buyers all bought it cheap as unclassified.
Hope this clears things up

--- Jeff Kuyken <jeff_at_meteoritesaustralia.com> wrote:

> G'day Martin & Bernhard,
> I purchased a 187.80g Half Stone from a dealer's
> eBay auction with the
> Labenne number "00225" written on it. Like yourself,
> when I later received
> the piece and did some searching on the number I too
> realised that it had
> been classified as an EL6. However, "Sahara 00225"
> has a TKW of just 64g. I
> don't think my piece is an E chondrite. From what I
> could understand after
> enquiring to the Labennes is that my meteorite is
> "00225" and not "Sahara
> 00225". Maybe Luc could add something more. Keep in
> mind that my piece is a
> half stone meaning that it could be (minutely)
> possible there is another
> 150g-200g out there. I'll try and get some photos up
> on my site of my piece.
> Cheers,
> Jeff Kuyken
> I.M.C.A. #3085
> www.meteorites.com.au
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> Hola list,
> Bernhard asked me to forward his mail, as he comes
> not through like
> several
> other members (neither with Html nor text
> formate).
> ------------------------------
> Hi there,
> I have recently checked all my meteorites against
> sources on the
> internet regarding the classes I have written down
> for them. Everything
> is fine, with the exception of two meteorites from
> the SAH bunch:
> 1) SAH 99150 - I have no information about this
> one.
> 2) SAH 00225 - this is pretty strange. I bought a
> 4g part slice from
> Michael Farmer back in October 2003. As far as I
> remember, it was sold
> as unclassified back then (for me, it looks like
> an ordinary chondrite).
> Now I have found a MetBull from 2001, calling SAH
> 00225 an enstatite
> chondrite. Most likely, my piece of SAH 00225
> isn't 00225 at all, Has
> anyone a photo of a piece of this meteorite so I
> can compare mine?
> Furthermore, what was the meteorite Michael sold
> as 00225 last year? Did
> I swap numbers? Michael, do you still remember
> what you sold back then
> or do you still own something from this meteorite?
> Your help is very much appreciated.
> A last question: does anyone know what the outcome
> of the classification
> of NWA 1685 is? I still have it listed as
> "unclassified".
> Bernhard
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