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From: Michael Farmer <meteoritehunter_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Tue Aug 24 18:03:12 2004
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WOW, Adam, you had the chance to apologize, and you didn't.
Again, you just made false charges about me, saying that I stole meteorites
from Australia.
Now Adam, I think everyone on this list can see that since you did not
present any proof in your email.
For you information, I found many kilos of Mundrabilla, it is sitting in
Australia at this time awaiting Export permit, and god willing, if it comes
through in time, it will be brought to Denver by a friend of mine down
there. See Adam, it isn't really that sinister, Mundrabilla is not hard to
get export permits for.
If you are suggesting that the fact that I updated my boring plain-jane
mundrabilla eBay pages with classy new photos from the strewnfield proves
that I smuggled out meteorites, again, you are sorely mistaken. I have been
buying Mundrabilla for many years, before you know what a meteorite was, and
I do believe that my new eBay page is much better now with actual photos
from the strewnfield. I have many kilos that I bought in the last years, Bob
Haag has many kilos sitting in his basement, Peter Heidelar has many kilos
for sale every year in Tucson (who I buy most of it from).
 Now, to the Shale auctions, indeed, I brought back a couple kilos of
Meteorite Shale. The Australian Cultural affairs person said that shale is
considered "Rust" which is basically is, and Rust is not covered or
considered a meteorite, and I could take all of the meteorite RUST out of
Australia that I wanted to. Which I did.

Adam, you have a track record of slamming everyone and anyone who sells
something that you have and don't have.

Now, do not ever accuse me of stealing meteorites from Australia or anywhere
else unless you have proof to share, no proof means you had better not
accuse me.
I am disappointed in you, and I am sure most of the list is.
You accused me, making false statements when you have no goddmaned idea what
I did in Australia.
Get a life Adam, and quit pretending to be a scientist, you are not and
never will be. People are tiring of your old "we do it for the science"
spiel. your hundreds of eBay auctions prove otherwise.

You are the one who made this ugly, so apologize and it can all be over.

I will not be called a criminal and keep my mouth shut.

Does anyone on this list think that I should not defend myself to the
absolute bullshit charges Adam made? He was not in Australia, I just got
home, I have talked to about 5 people regarding my trip, do any of you
belive that Adam has some spyplane following me 1000 miles into the desert?
Adam, where do you get your data about my trip to Australia?

Michael Farmer

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> Dear List,
> We have 102 auctions ending tonight, most of which were started out at
> 99 cents. There are some exceptional bargains to be had so you may want
> check out the link below and go to "Go see all current items for sale by
> this member." The weekly rare material specials are always listed last so
> you will have to go to the bottom of the
> list on page 5 to see them:
> http://members.ebay.com/ws2/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewUserPage&userid=meteoritelab
> You may want to keep an eye on the largest specimen of NWA 011 in private
> hands. It is currently priced way way below what much smaller pieces have
> sold for in the past. To see this impressive offering check out the link
> below:
> Thank you for looking and if you are bidding, good luck.
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